Rent a Vehicle, do it!


Two weeks ago, my friends and me celebrated a hen party, one of my best friends is going to get married the next month and we wanted to do something special to her. We had the great idea of hiring a luxury car for her, because she loves driving them, and we took it from B & M exclusive. We could choose a ferrari, and it was not so expensive. We gave her a great surprise and in fact, she will hire it again to her wedding day, to arrive to the church in that luxury car. I am pretty sure the guests will be amazed when they see her.

Having the choice of hiring a car for special ocassions it is a really good idea, and even more,  if the car is one the luxury brands of cars. That´s why we decided to take it, and in this case another reason was because my friend works with cars and she loves them, so we were sure that surprise would be perfect for her.

Not many people can pay the cost of a luxury car such as the ferrari we hired, and there are a lot of people who love that kind of cars. That´s why I think that hiring it once in a while for special events   for people who love them and can´t afford them, it is a good idea. Another special event to hire them could be when someone is promoted in his or her job, among the family and the friends who love him or her can hire it for one day or some hours as a present.

 This company also gives you the choice of hiring not-luxury cars, and for example you can hire a van to take it for doing a trip. Imagine you want to go with your friends to Asturias ( for instance), and there are more than five people who want to go there so you have to go in separated vehicles, but you would prefer going to Asturias all together to spend more time with your friends. So you can hire a big van ( depending on the number of people you are going to Asturias ) and you can go together, paying among all of you so it is not so expensive, you have to pay also the gas, but, again, among many people it is not so much money, another advantage it has is that the driver could be changed during the trip if several of you drive, for not being only one person who drives because it can be tired after some kilometers driving. If you want to save some money to spend it in the trip, one thing you can do is to hire a car, because as I have explained, it has many advantages regarding the money.

I remember one trip I did with some friends, we wanted to go to visi the Pirineos mountains to sky in there, and the problem was that we did not have our cars ready for the winter and the snow that would be on the road. Because our cars were very old, and we thought they were not safe enough to do that trip to the Pirineos. So that, we decided to rent a car, a better car which would protect us more that our cars in case something bad happened and a car which was ready for the snow. First of all we have to think about people´s safety, and even more in the road and with bad climate conditions. It is better to spend more money in a good and safe car, than to safe money and drive another car is not safe.

 For sure, another good thing of hiring a van is that we help the environment. If we there are many people inside the van, is less people who could drive their own cars, so less cars on the road. We do not increase the pollution in the air. I know that not all of the people who hire vans think about helping the environment, but anyway they do it, so I have to mention it because it is one of the best good things it has, to help our planet.